Metro-Swift Sprinkler Corp. offers testing and inspections of the following:

    • Wet Systems
    • Dry Systems
    • Preaction Systems
    • Deluge Systems
    • Antifreeze Systems
    • Foam water Systems
    • Standpipes Systems
  • Fire pump testing
  • 2" drain and alarm tests
  • Flow switch testing
  • Hydrant flow testing
  • Back flow preventer testing
  • Dry pipe internal inspections
  • Standpipe testing

Testing is provided on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. Your insurance provider and local fire department can assist you in determining the frequency of testing. Insurers will label a property that is not properly tested on a minimum annual basis as unsprinklered which can cost property owners thousands of dollars in additional insurance costs.

If you have any questions regarding testing of your fire sprinkler systems please call us at 978-532-2907 in Massachusetts or 603-626-7520 in New Hampshire.